Friday, December 21, 2012

things to do when you're sick and bored for a week

sleep, of course, if you can. but if you can't then i suggest...

read a lot. i quite enjoyed more of percy jackson's adventures in the heroes of olympus series. yes, it's juvenile fiction but i wanted something entertaining and light to read and this fit the bill. i read the first three books while i was sick and enjoyed them so much. i can't wait until next fall when the fourth book comes out.

watch a little online tv to get caught up. i really do like once upon a time, and i'm anxious to find out what's happened with some of my favorite characters. my latest guilty pleasure that is absolutely awful (it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion and i can't look away), last resort. oh, and my other guilty pleasure, go on (this one just makes me laugh and laugh). doctor who is always good on netflix.

movies to watch: i really enjoyed the best exotic marigold hotel; i highly recommend it. the cast is superb--judi dench, bill nighy, maggie smith, tom wilkinson, just to name a few. i also re-watched one of my favorites the other sister with juliette lewis and diane keaton. this movie leaves me in happy tears every time i watch it. so much joy and love.

eat a whole case of clementimes--i hear that vitamin c is good for you.
lots of chicken noodle soup--the warm broth feels really good on a sore throat.
toast and saltines.
apple cider--i heat it up in the microwave for a minute and it's absolutely divine. helps to cut phlegm too.
cranberry pomengranate juice. sooooooooooo good.
drink lots of water. lots and lots of water.
robitussin dm is good stuff. it worked the best out of everything i tried.
halls sugar-free blueberry cough drops.
a combination of tylenol and ibuprofen. oh and a little flexerol for stiff muscles can be really fun.

way too much time on facebook. i was really bored.
angry bird star wars--so much fun.
writing blog posts.
lots of phone calls to my mom and dad. they always make me feel better. thanks.
text with friends and siblings. words with friends. draw something.

i watched this a few times. the star just warmed my heart right up.

and then i found this... a fun interpretation. "brilliant! they won't be expecting that!"

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