Wednesday, July 14, 2010

everybody says don't - my musical history

Everybody says don't
Everybody says can't
Everybody says wait around for miracles
That's the way the world is made
I insist on miracles if you do them,
Miracles might come true,
Then I say don't...
Don't be afraid!
lyrics to Everybody Says Don't from Anyone Can Whistle 

I discovered this song at a time when I felt that everything in my life was telling me don't.  Don't do that or you'll miss out on this.  Don't do this or that thing you really want won't happen.  Don't dare to dream that your life could be different, that I could be different.  I was restless, wanting to have adventures and aching to spread my wings. 

In my twenties, there were a lot of things that I didn't do simply because I was too scared.  I had a lot of fun and great experiences, but I remember pushing through a lot of fear in order to get there.  Fear of failing, fear of trying, fear of succeeding.  Fear of everything that I dreamed of for myself.

I needed to hear someone tell me don't be afraid to fail, it's okay, it's just part of the journey.  Maybe someone did, but I didn't listen until this song.  It went straight to my heart and empowered me to take chances, and I listened to it again and again.  I feel that because of this song I was able to work up the nerve to go off to England where some of my long held childhood dreams came true.  I remember simply telling God that I was going to England, and when it was time for me to come home I would, but I wanted this chance and I was taking it.  It was empowering to learn to take control of my life. 

Those years in England were some of the best in my life so far, and most formative.  I fell in love for the first and second times.  I learned my heart can heal after ending serious relationships and making big mistakes.  I traveled to places I had only ever dreamed of, and made friends who are still a huge part of my life today.  I learned that God truly does have a plan for me and if I listen and follow him, then I really am happier and that faith and hope replace fear. 

It's hard for me to capture sufficiently what this song did for my life.  I still struggle with being afraid sometimes, but it's easier now to let go of the fear and move forward with faith.  Life doesn't always turn out as planned.  Sometimes I do fail, but when I do, I make a noise and get right back up.  I've learned that by insisting on miracles and working hard for them, my dreams really can come true.

I say do!
Plus, it's Barbra Streisand belting this song out.  It doesn't get much better than this.

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m.a.f said...

i love that you say you make a noise when you fail. yes, of course, we should make some noise! i love this post for so many reasons, it's such a good reminder to follow our guts and hearts and God's guidance and to fall in love. now, if i could just get myself to England.

Angela said...

Great thoughts! It is amazing how formative the 20's and 30's are. So much happens and you get pulled around quite a bit. I think that it's the getting out of our comfort zone business that really helps us to grow. I.e. living in different countries or expanding to different states, provinces, etc. Nothing has changed my life for the better by doing these things, even when some may say "don't" :)