Monday, July 5, 2010

the holiday weekend

things that made me smile this weekend:

my flag hanging off the front porch
this grand flag flew in afghanistan too

my friend sw's house all decked out for the holiday

the sunset view of the capitol and the crowds all ready for fireworks

good friends together for the fireworks

a gorgeous sunset...

provides the perfect backdrop for the best fireworks show in the nation

more fireworks


love this view

so many fireworks

they almost obliterate the washington monument

until all that's left is the smoke blowing off in the wind

a magnolia blossom, unexpected and out of season

other stuff i don't have photos of
the capitol fourth rehearsal concert
with good friends
church and babies getting blessed
phone calls with family
and cleaning the bugs out of my furnace room so they don't take over my apartment.

i hope you had a happy fourth and a relaxing long weekend.

1 comment:

Jordan and Amy Kite said...

I miss D.C. I love your pictures and they make me home sick. The good old Hyrum Fireworks weren't as cool as yours but they were fun!