Wednesday, July 7, 2010

home to stay - my musical history

When I was living in England every day seemed like a gift, an adventure.  I remember thinking to myself on several occasions, "I'm totally living the dream."  This song embodies that feeling of living a dream come true, but also with the realization that it would come to an end and to make the most of each day.  I still try to live by this sentiment.

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Angela said...

Sigh...this is one of my favorite Groban songs (among many). I absolutely love how the words tell a story and paint a picture so vividly.

I really like what you wrote about living life each day to the fullest. I love that you lived in England for several years--something I've always wanted to do for the culture, history, architecture, etc. I'm living my own dream in beautiful NZ, and I greatly appreciate hearing about other people's "I'm living the dream" experiences. You are always living a great life my friend.

Tara said...

Groban's voice always gives me chills. He is so completely amazing--and a good boy too. Look at him in his sweater vest! What a pure looking guy. This is an amazing song and one that sends the listener back to a time when they knew they were experiencing something extraordinary but that life would go one after the experience was over and good things would also be on the horizon. Your life has shown that and will continue to show it!