Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer blessings

Just a few summer blessings, that make me really happy.

  My cute, red VW Jetta with a sun roof.
  My upside down tomato plants are growing well and have baby tomatoes on them.
  I have the cutest pair of bright green wedge heels.
  My job rocks and I have fun there every day.
  I am healthy and can go running in the mornings.
  There will be more beach time this summer and camping.
  During the summer, my spring allergies disappear.
  Cranberry-Pomegranate juice is really yummy.
  I have lots of good books to read this summer.
  DC farmer's markets are a great substitute for not being able to have my own garden.
  I am the cool aunt to 11 gorgeous nieces and nephews.
  I live so close to the Washington, DC LDS Temple.

Gosh, I love summer!

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