Friday, July 30, 2010

o sole mio - my musical history

There is a moment etched into my memory from Venice.  I close my eyes and I'm there again.  It was one of those perfect moments that my heart and mind captured for instant recall whenever I need it. 

Perfect golden light reflecting off the dark waters of a narrow canal as I stand on a bridge, the warmth of the stone railing beneath my hands, the colors of the brick and stone homes lining the water lane, and turning the corner is an ebony gondola trimmed in gold piloted by a singing gondolier.  I don't remember what he was singing, but this song takes me back to that bridge every time. 

And I am in love with Andrea Bocelli.  I'm so gonna marry him one day, ya know. 

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sylvia/ticklethepear said...

Chris Pine is jealous.

christine said...

I'm laughing so hard right now, Sylvia. Thanks!

Do you know if Chris Pine speaks Italian? That might be the clincher.