Sunday, January 30, 2011

meet fiona & pennie

you know when you were a kid and wanted a pet?
i wanted a fish.
instead, my sister got two pet rats.
needless to say, i was not happy with that arrangement
and i never did get a fish.

so, this weekend, i finally fulfilled my wish and got a fish.
in fact, i got two fishies.
it was all i could do not to skip out of the store back to my car.

meet fiona and pennie.
fiona is the red female betta on the left.
pennie is the silver purple-pink female on the right.

normally, two bettas cannot live in the same bowl, 
but the woman who helped me said that 
sometimes two females can live in the same bowel quite peacefully.

so, we introduced them to each other in the store. they sized each other up. 
fiona is definitely more aggressive than pennie.
pennie pushed fiona away from her and 
 swam to opposite side of the container
and they basically ignored each other.

today though it seems like they are becoming friends.
they spend a little time swimming near each other,
but mainly fiona stays near the top 
and pennie on the bottom. 
they do switch places from time to time.

it's really cool having them here,
and i enjoy watching them swim about.
seven-year old me is really quite pleased and 
almost thirty-seven-year old me is too. :)

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Angela said...

How fun! I love the names, btw.