Sunday, January 2, 2011

the storyteller

Recently the Smithsonian Institute Museum of American Art hosted a Norman Rockwell exhibit featuring paintings from the collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. My friend SS and I went to see it on New Year's morning before the lines got way too crazy on the second to last day.

It was amazing and so fun to see the originals. Here's a peek at what I got to see:

The Four Freedoms: Freedom of Speech
This one brought tears to my eyes, when I read that Rockwell  based this on actual events from a town hall meeting and used his neighbors as models. The man in the center shared a dissenting opinion during the meeting, and everyone let him have his say and treated him with respect. So different from what we see happening in today.

The Rookie 
featuring Ted Williams and other Red Sox greats.

Elect Casey
I saw the pencil sketch for this signed to his friend Casey. 

Triple Self Portrait
Hands down the best self portrait ever painted by an artist.
that's just my humble opinion

Jury Room
The draft sketches and photos were fascinating and so different from the finished product.

Rockwell used models and photographed scenes that he would later paint.

The Runaway
This just makes me laugh, and reminds me of my brother.

Fascinating exhibit. I now need to invest in a book of Rockwell's work.


Jan Dawson said...

We're huge Rockwell fans too and we have a great book. The museum (in the Berkshires) is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

Tanya S. said...

I saw that exhibit twice and then bought two books on his art from the gift shop after the first visit because I enjoyed it so much! I really love his stuff.