Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my sister

 today is my sister's day.      she's the birthday girl!
(and no, you can't keep being the birthday girl until june)

i never thought i would see the day when she dressed up as a princess.
and this picture just says it all, screaming kid and all. . .

she's just as crazy as her boys.

always on the run!

her boys love her sooooo much.
i love the occasional phone calls for night-night-prayers
and the invitations to come for a sleep-over on the tramp
from her boys.
i'm so there next summer for a few days.

i love my sis. we get have to fun adventures every so often.

she's my best friend.
and lately, she has been my rock,
helping to me to sift through how i feel,
reminding me of what is truly most important,
helping me to keep my eye on the prize
to always feel loved.
thank you.

she's amazing, beautiful, strong, my sister.
i love you becky-doodles.
happy, happy birthday.

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becky said...

Hey thanks Christine. You know you did this last year. But it is great to read how much you love me.:) I am glad that we are great friends, thank you for that. So I see a tradition that has started. I look forward to see what you are going to say next year!:):) Love you