Thursday, January 13, 2011

this life, right now

Everywhere I turn recently it seems someone I know is affected by cancer. A woman back home passed away leaving behind a husband and two children after a brief battle with cancer. A co-worker is battling breast cancer. Two more co-workers recently lost their mothers to lung cancer. And today the husband of a woman with whom I work was diagnosed with cancer, and chemotherapy will only be used to prolong his life, not treat the cancer.

At times I have to shake myself, and remind myself that the ignorant bliss in which I just caught myself isn't always how it is. Even after losing a brother over seven years ago, I don't always remember just how fragile life is and that every moment must be counted, savored, stored up. I find it hard to believe sometimes just how easily I can forget and take it all for granted.

Life doesn't wait around for me to catch up. And the moments to savor, count and store up are right now. The heartache, excitement, laughter, disappointment, love, hate, sorrow, joy and tears all must be counted up to capture the beauty of this life I get to live right now. It's all beautiful and magical. Even with the heartache I feel now for all the people I know who are struggling with loss or the thoughts of loss, I wouldn't change any of it. Bitter and sweet, it all adds up to a life worth living.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are facing the challenges caused by cancer and other illnesses, and up to God for a cure.

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