Friday, January 28, 2011

on my ipod - katie melua

Lately at work I've had to do a ton of formatting and proofreading of some very dry technical documents. I get really bored as I do it, so in order to keep focused and avoid wandering all the place, I've started listening to my iPod a lot.

This week, I'm really liking Katie Melua's album "Piece By Piece" and listened to it several times this week.  She has a new album out now, that I can't wait to get some time to really listen to.

I really like "Nine Million Bicycles". It has a rolling quality, that makes me feel as though I'm pedaling on a bike along with her.

I also like "Thank You Stars."  This invokes memories of sleeping out in the front yard with my little brothers and looking up at the stars as they talked about who God is and what makes the stars shine.  Good times.

Enjoy the songs and happy Friday!

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Angela said...

I really like her! Esp. that second song.