Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a dream come true?

When two people in my life both have dreams about me with similar themes, I tend to perk up and pay attention.

First, about a month ago, my sister dreamed that I was getting married. It was quite a vivid dream for her, and she remembered lots of details and the conversation that she had with my husband-to-be.  She also reminded me that she had dreamed I had broken off my engagement before I called to tell her I had done so. Interestingly enough, at the same time she dreamed I was getting married, I also dreamed quite vividly that I was finally a mother.

Second, a co-worker stopped by my desk this morning with a big smile on his face to tell me he had dreamed of me last night. He dreamed I was getting married. Among other things, he recalled that it was a lush green setting with some kind of natural water landmark prominently featured.  What is interesting to me, is that he and I are not particularly close and have not talked previously about personal things at all. Our conversations are infrequent and mainly work related.  But as he said, when it's out there in the universe other people can pick up on the vibes.

So, this is me, putting out it there into the universe so that all the vibes can hook up somehow. Good things are coming... And God is the master planner.


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Margaret said...

Great things come to great people! Mr. Wonderful will find you, and you will have beautiful children - I can't wait! :)

One said...

I will make cupcakes!! :-)