Saturday, February 19, 2011

the not fun stuff

Thursday afternoon I got home, walked back into the bedroom to change out of my uniform, and saw this under the bedroom window.

I then pulled back the curtain and saw this.

Someone had attempted to break into my house while I was out. Scary!!

Thankfully, for some reason, the person had decided not to finish the job. Because, the window was only broken and the would-be thief didn't enter my apartment, the police classified it as destruction of property. I know, not very satisfying given that someone violated my home, but that's how it works.

I did call the police. A kind and professional officer responded in about an hour, he searched the apartment to make sure that no one was hiding anywhere. That is when I started to freak out a little; it hadn't even crossed my mind that someone might be inside the house. When I jumped at some movement outside, he calmed me down, and even stayed until I had arrangements in place for someone to help me cover the window up and was starting to feel okay about being alone.

In the end, there is much for which to be thankful:
It was only a broken window.
No one actually got inside my house.
Nothing was stolen or missing.
I am safe.

p.s. the landlord responded quickly, and as of this afternoon, i now have a new window and bars on the windows as well. not fun, but necessary.

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Eliza said...

Yipers! That is scary! But so glad it happened while you weren't there and like you said it was just an attempted burglary and they didn't get off with anything. I think I would feel simultaneously bugged and grateful to have the bars on the window. Still, it is unsettling. Jan's apartment in London growing up took up a basement flat and it was forever being broken into. His dad was always chasing people off...