Thursday, March 17, 2011

birthday brother

Brother R1 is over 35 today!
Yep, he's getting old. Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.

I love brother R1 for so many reasons.
He is a good man
an awesome dad to 5 super kids
works really, really hard
has a very dry sense of humor
loves his wife and kids
is funny even when he doesn't want to be
follows his heart
cooks amazing meals for his wife's birthday and Mother's Day
makes his kids do chores
remodels houses like nobody's business
upholds gospel truths in the way he lives his life
and most of all he's my oldest younger brother.
I look up to him a lot.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Birthday Raymond!
Love you.


Tara said...

Wow, what a nice guy. His wife is one lucky person to have someone who has such a great character and, from the picture, is good looking too!

christine said...

Tara, You're too funny.