Thursday, March 3, 2011

fun at work

Last week I got to go downtown for Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) National Capitol Area (NCA) awards ceremony and represent my organization along with a co-worker.  We received First Prize for one of our fundraising events last fall, the CFC Pinewood Derby. We didn't even know that we had won, until we were looking through the program and saw our organization listed as a winner.

If you think that a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby is fun, then just imagine one with cars made by adults, some of whom are engineers and like to play. We had a great time at that fundraiser.  I was so proud to represent our CFC team. Way to go!!!

Just another reason why I like my job.

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Angela said...

This sounded like it was so cool! A grown-up version of the pinewood derby? That I would have loved to see.