Friday, March 18, 2011

people really are great

Most of you have heard that I was robbed on Wednesday afternoon. My upstairs neighbors were also robbed, in fact they were the ones who called me at work to let me know what was going on. I got home to find the police there, and the three guys upstairs, who are not only all very cute, but kind and polite, waiting for me, feeding me chicken stew and hot tea when I started shaking uncontrollably, and letting me use one of their laptops which amazingly wasn't stolen. 

I was in shock for several hours. The police were kind and professional. The crime scene investigators were very thorough, leaving behind a thick coating of black fingerprint dust--think printer toner everywhere and the more you touch it... Thankfully, only personal electronics were stolen. All in all the crooks got away with three or four laptops, two televisions, assorted cameras, iPods, and other electronics. They left a lot of things alone and didn't destroy anything.

And most importantly, in a moment when the worst of humanity has reared its ugly head, comes the reminder that, yes, people really are great. Within a few hours, my apartment was filled with so many loving and kind people there to help me clean up, get the back door secured, and just fill me with love.

A big heartfelt thank you to:
  • The upstairs guys for calling the cops, feeding me, giving me computer access to look up numbers to banks and stuff, and for being my new friends. Too bad it took a breakin to have us become friends.
  • VT JB for bringing me chocolate milk, helping to clean up the finger print powder, finding the key that fell behind the radiator, and holding me while I cried. That's what VT sisters are for.
  • AB for making the Lowe's run and getting the needed latch hardware - She always comes to my rescue and I owe her so much.
  • SS for making up her spare bedroom for me again. Your spare bedroom has been my sanctuary of safety and peace so many times, my little home away from home. Bless you.
  • HT MQ for providing muscles, power tools and lumber to fix up the backdoor - If anybody tries to kick in that backdoor now, they're gonna break their freakin' foot.
  • EQ and little MQ for the delicious, home-cooked, traditional Japanese meal which totally hit the spot. I must get the recipes and learn how to make the yummy rice pastry. Yum!
  • The Elders for stopping by to lend support and for just bringing the Spirit with them.
  • Bishop SP for stopping by on his way from work to see how I was doing and for giving me a blessing.
  • LD who loaned me his old TV (a 200 lb. behemoth--try stealing that suckaz) and a two foot long machete. I sleep much better now with that machete under my bed... kind of.
  • And my friends and family who called, texted, posted on FB or emailed to show their love and support.
I truly felt loved that day and still do. People really are great. And it's good to have that reminder when I feel so violated and distrustful.

Yes, I had renter's insurance. I highly recommend it and it's relatively cheap in comparison to paying out of pocket to replace everything myself.

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Angela said...

I love that in the midst of difficult times, such wonderful people appear to give support. You are so loved and taken care of!