Friday, February 17, 2012

cleaning my face


So, I've been reading about new options to clean my face. I've been using this popular facial cleanser for several years and I feel like it's just not working as well it used to. I've been struggling lately to manage some pretty huge breakouts and my face just felt irritated, dry and angry. This isn't uncommon in the winter time when the humidity drops to under 30% here in DC. I needed something that wasn't going to irritate or dry my skin out.

The Oil Cleansing Method first caught my eye here. And then I read a review here and here. All of which led me to consider trying this method. After all, oil dissolves oil, so I thought why not and I was pretty sure that putting chemicals on my face wasn't going to fix my face. Plus, I wanted to try something I was pretty sure wasn't going to irritate my eyes any more than they have been lately.

So, yesterday I tried it for the first time. I created my facial cleanser by mixing 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of castor oil in a small container. I rubbed the mixture, using a liberal amount, into my face and watched as it dissolved my makeup. 

I let it sit for a minute and wet a wash cloth under hot water. I put the hot wash cloth over my face and let it sit for a several seconds, and then wiped my face off, rinsing the wash cloth out a couple of times until I had wiped the oil off my face. The reviews recommend using a clean face cloth every time you wash your face, so be sure to have a supply on hand.

I used a tiny bit of this eye cream and didn't use any other moisturizer. Honestly, my face didn't even feel like I needed any. My face felt amazing and in the morning, instead of an oily mess, it felt perfectly moisturized and looked less irritated. Even my eyes looked less red.

So, after one use I'm pretty much sold. I'm interested to see how skin manages the change over time and will keep you posted. I'm also interested in finding a good, natural exfoliation method as well.

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nicole said...

Keep us updated on how it works. I'm considering switching over to a number of chemical free cleansers myself (baking soda and vinegar mixes for hair and crisco/oil mixes for lotion and lipgloss), but I don't know anyone personally who has tried any of them.