Tuesday, February 21, 2012

reasons i love dc: the national cathedral

This past weekend a spur of the moment trip to the National Cathedral provided the perfect amount of being outside in the beautiful sunshiny weather, time spent with friends and being a hometown tourist. 

I love the National Cathedral. Planning began in the 1890s, with construction beginning in 1901 and completion in 1990. I think it's remarkable that it was built entirely in the 20th century. The craftsmanship and architecture rivals any cathedral I have visited in Europe. It's a beautifully crafted building, and it makes me happy that even in our modern age we still take the time and have the inspired talent to create such a wonderful work of art. It's a favorite place to visit and it had been far too long since I visited.

We discovered that Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan are interred in the columbarium located in the downstairs of the cathedral. We also took the elevator up to the west tower's viewing galleries which provided beautiful views of the city. We could even see the distant white spires LDS Temple to the north. It was a beautiful day!

the west entrance

spires that fell during the earthquake in July 2011

the space window

a beautiful gate

close up of the gate

a chapel entrance

one of the hand made kneeling cushions in the Resurrection Chapel

mosaic detail in the Resurrection Chapel

the end of the rainbow... so cute. 
fishers of men

a little prayer corner

whale detail on an archway

looking out the window of the west towers

repairs are underway to fix the earthquake damage

looking south

all photos taken with my droid incredible 2 phone. love this camera!

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