Monday, February 13, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* chopping vegetables with my new knives. i love how much easier it is to cut things with good knives. these knives were a much anticipated christmas present from my mom, who bought them from my kitchen gadget enabler, my sister. thank you, thank you, thank you.

* a return visit to the washington, dc lds temple with a great friend who was going for the first time. i was at her baptism almost 6 years ago and it was so great to be part of such a beautiful experience for her. i loved listening as she talked about what a difference joining the church has made in her life. the thing that has stuck with me is that she was ready to give up and die before she was baptized a member, and that afterwards she felt she now had so much reason to live. the gospel of jesus christ changes lives--it really does!

* this weekend i had my own private alarm clock each morning at 0730. josiah let me know he was also in the house and that roomie had put him in the kennel when she left, by howling. i swear, if you didn't know better, you would think this dog was dying because he wasn't in the same room as me. well, in our house you don't get your way if you throw a tantrum. so, this morning i put on a mean face and went into the bedroom to let him see that i wasn't going to fall for it, and then left him there for a few hours while i did my thing. i love that dog, and love that he loves me so much, and while i do indulge him every chance i get, he's starting to really push his limits.

* ordering thai food and having dinner with roomie always makes for a great evening.

* supporting my friend MP at her dance performance. she was amazing and danced her heart out. it was fun to be a part of her own private cheering section. plus, it was great to catch up with JP before hand. i love these two people and am so glad they're in my life.

* talking with my sister on the phone. i love that we can give each other advice about things in our lives and do it without being judged by each other. she is so wise and supportive.

* my dad's heart procedure went well this week. and my sister said that there was immediate improvement in my dad. yay!

* i have this friend that i chat with regularly throughout the day. if i'm frustrated, bored or content, he just makes me smile. it's a good thing.

* it got really cold here finally and we got a little snow. winter made a brief appearance this weekend.

* i'm on pinterest and i'm finding the coolest project ideas as well as lots of stuff that makes me laugh. (click here to see my boards and then click on the board you want to see. if you want to see more detail about something, click on the photo to enlarge and then click again on the photo to go to the source website.)

* speaking of pinterest.... a friend pinned a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups for valentine's day and invited a couple of us over to make them. we had a great girls night, making yummy treats, singing whitney houston songs and talking about guys. fun times.

* and speaking of whitney houston. i love her music. i wanted to sing like her when i grew up. my all time favorite song of hers was this one. what a great performance this is, and there's even a Sailor! i hope she found her greatest love.

here's another great performance with all the words.

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Ruthie said...

Sounds like a great week! I miss ya! How wonderful to go to the temple with a friend going through for the first time! I love pintrest too! So glad your father is doing well!