Tuesday, March 27, 2012

goodbye, penny

my little fishie, penny, died last week. i had known for a few weeks that this was a possibility, and she had stopped eating. still it was hard to come home and find her suffering. i almost didn't have the heart to take care of her myself, and when i finally did she was already gone. i was so glad.

i very much enjoyed having penny with me. for the past year or so she made me laugh with her antics. it didn't matter if i fed her twice a day, she always acted like she was starving, jumping at the food pellets and crunching on them loudly. she would sometimes let me pet her, if i was very patient and waited for her to swim under my finger. she and i would talk regularly about how things were going and what she thought about josiah, the dog.

i was surprised that she lived with me as long as she did. bettas typically live about 15-18 months, so she definitely fulfilled her destiny. she is now helping to feed one of the rose bushes in the backyard. thank you, penny, for all the laughs and for keeping me company.

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Ruthie said...

Pretty Penny! She will be missed. The garden is a sweet resting place for her.