Tuesday, March 13, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* it was the week leading up to my birthday. lots of cards arrived in the mail. birthday wishes were posted to my facebook page. it was soooo nice to feel the love. thank you.

* i caught a glimpse of healing, golden light this week. thank you.
   oh.... and my liver makes me laugh...

* a play by david mamet put on by spooky action theater. it was a great evening with a good friend at ben's chili bowl, an interesting play, and full moon gazing as we came out of the theater.

i love playing with settings on my camera phone.

* a day off spent touring the national building museum--amazing building. a movie and a stop by the library. perfectly relaxing.

* spring is in the air complete with lovely allergies.

* zip lining through the wild woods of maryland when it's freezing cold outside. s'mores for breakfast around a fire. getting caught on film swearing as i work up the nerve to jump and let go. laughing at a friend's reaction to falling off a ledge. me not jumping quite far enough and almost cracking my coccyx. (photos to follow.)

* a long bath. good music. clean sheets. comfy pjs. sleeping with the window cracked. cleaning my house. folding laundry. playing the piano. walking the dog. working from home. reading a book. cooking.

* josiah was gone all week because my roommate was traveling. he came home on saturday afternoon and was in the backyard when i got home. he totally started whining when i came in and didn't stop until i went outside to sit with him and cuddle. i love that darn dog.

* my fish penny is still alive. i've had her over a year now. she's doing well and still making me laugh.

* i love the different ways my family sings happy birthday to me. they all know i'm musically inclined, and they like to torture me. so their renditions are simply hilarious.
    * brother R1's family basically summoned all the chaos in the universe for their rendition, including a loooooong and artistic belch by nephew C.
    * brother J's little boy M, who is almost three, sang to me in the cutest voice ever and then said, "happy dirt-day tristine!"
    * my dad serenaded me as only my dad can. "your nickle's done...."
    * sister B and her two boys sang to me on the phone and on my answering machine. i can listen over and over again.
    * brother R2's family also sang to me, and little Miss L telling me she loves me, just melts my heart every time. nephew G asked if i had eaten any brains for my birthday and i told him no, because i was waiting until i could suck his, 'cause they're the best brains ever.
     * and my mom said, "happy birthday!" when i called to tell her i had purchased her plane ticket to come out for the cherry blossoms. best birthday present ever. (please keep my mom in your prayers--she needs to feel calm, strong and healthy, so she's not so nervous about traveling by herself. thanks!)

* my roommate brought home cheesecake factory lemon raspberry cream cheesecake and linda's fudge cake, and the cutest ever purple kate spade handbag. she played her birthday play list and lit candles for me, and we ate dessert together. it was fun birthday!

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