Wednesday, March 14, 2012

naked trees, ropes and harnesses

here's a glimpse of the birthday weekend fun on saturday morning.
an obstacle course, zip lining adventure through the naked trees of maryland.
it was great fun, and oh so very cold!

all harnessed up.
trying to keep my hands warm.

rope ladders... ugh.

the starting point

seriously, i'm not indiana jones...

really, really high up

grit my teeth and let go

uh, no i'm not walking across on that cargo net.

hey, indie where'd ya get that hat?

yet another bum shot...


it's about letting go.

free fallin'...


One said...

I can't decide whether this looks terribly fun or terribly terrifying! Either way, good for you, and happy happy birthday!!

Angela said...

Go girl! The last video made it look like you hit something but then I realized it was just the way it was filmed. You rock.