Monday, March 26, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* it's spring, spring, spring again the flowers are telling me.

* evening motorcycle rides are fun (especially when there is no traffic), followed by a dinner of pupusas eaten outside and it's almost perfect. thanks cc.

* running is good thing. it makes me happy.

* watching the hunger games movie. made me cry. excellent acting and storytelling, and true to the book.

* i love the carillion of the naval academy chapel. at noon it's a serenade of the navy hymn and at six a selection of evening hymns. beautiful.

* looking the evening sky over the past few weeks. it's been fun to watch the movement of the planets and stars leading up to this. so beautiful.

* i bought an avocado tree! i have wanted one ever since i lived in chile. one of the places i lived had one in the backyard. we would eat avocado with toasted fresh bread almost every night. seriously, there is nothing in this world like a tree-ripened avocado. so much more flavorful. heaven on earth.

* i love pulling weeds. any day with time outside in the garden is a good day.

* meaningful conversations with a great friend. thank you for the insights and reassurances that i'm on track. the reminders that god loves me were much needed.

* i love talking with my family. it was fun to talk with my nephews C & L about star wars. their favorite characters are (and this is in order) darth vader, obi wan kenobi, the one with the double edged light saber, young anakin skywalker, luke skywalker, and finally... yoda. great conversation with those two boys about how people can change and be good again. this made a great impression on nephew L. good, good stuff.

* this book made me smile. oh butterfly...

* counting down the days until my mom arrives! this wednesday...

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