Thursday, February 11, 2010

more snow from snowpacolypse 2 again

Okay, okay.  I'm sure you are tired of looking at photos of snow.  Hopefully, there won't be many more of them to come.  I'm hoping that we won't receive much more snow, even though more has been forecasted for Monday.

From yesterday during the blizzard, while I was outside shoveling out my door again.

I'm not sure how hard it was snowing.
I think the wind was blowing more snow than was actually falling.

The remains of the gutter above my door.
I believe there was an ice dam on the edge of the roof,
because there were some BIG ice junks that I had to remove with my hands.
I'm just glad my door windows didn't get taken out when they fell.

From today:

Now there's a sight I haven't seen for a few days, the sun and clear wet pavement in the street.
The snow plows have obviously been out working.
Also, you can see some of the drifting that happened in my front yard.
The snow on the sidewalk was pretty much even with the raised front yard.

Look at that blue, blue sky!
My car hasn't moved, and it's not likely to in the next few days.
I'm considering hiring the YM from church to dig it out.
My friend T's car is in worse shape than mine, but at least her street was plowed.
Photos here.
Look closely, and you will see a large branch that fell into this tree. 
It's in the middle of the photo and covered with snow.
It's about 15 feet long and about 4-6 inches wide.

If it falls, it will take out the fence and half the tree.
Hopefully, the city comes to take it out soon.

The breakfast of this snow shovel champion:
Homemade whole wheat, cinnamon waffles with raspberries
and maple syrup with bacon on the side.
The cinnamon, raspberries and maple syrup combined
for an absolutely divine burst of complimentary flavors.

photos by me

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Angela said...

I seriously cannot believe how much snow there has been!