Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpacolypse 2 on Saturday - i

This was 12 hours ago, midnight EST.

This was about 6 hours later, around 6am EST.

This was about an hour ago, before I started shoveling, at 11am EST.

I was literally snowed in.
I couldn't open my front door.

My door now opens.  It's very slick,
and no sooner is the surface clear, then it is covered again by snow.

This is my weapon of choice against the snow. Rrrrrrrrrr!
I am the woman.

The view from the bottom of my stairs.

But on a happier note, I have clean towels stacked up again in my bathroom.
The appliance delivery guys knocked on my door at 0645 yesterday to deliver my new washer.
They wanted to get ahead of the storm with their deliveries.
I can do laundry in the comfort of my own home.

Now, I'm off to walk about and meet a friend for lunch near Eastern Market.
Wish me luck!

Oh, and for laughs here are two of my favorite links providing storm coverage:

photos by me

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Cha said...

Wow, what a post. I was thinking of you when I saw the news covering this story. I'm glad you're cozy and comfty with clean towels. Much love,