Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snowpacolypse 2... again

I walked over to my friends, the B's, for dinner this evening.
It was snowing pretty hard already, and I knew I would be walking in the street at times.
So, I pulled out my reflective belt
so that I would be more visible to the crazies who were driving in the snow.
(Thanks KGB.)

The snow coming down isn't really visible in this photo,
but it's really pretty.

Lots of snow.

More snow!

This is how the fire hydrants were marked near the middle school.

The Fox News truck canvassing the neighborhood for snow news.

My stairs were clear of snow earlier today.
This is all we received since about 5PM today.

I had close to half an inch of snow on my head when I got home.

It's coming down out there!

photos by me


Anonymous said...

Do you feel like you are living in a snow cave??? Hope you make it through the storms

Anonymous said...

This Anonymous person was born in 82 and has been blessing your life since