Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpacolypse 2 on Saturday - ii

This is an awesome snowstorm.  I'm amazed at how much snow there is out there, but I'm always amazed at the great snowstorms.  I'm even from northern Utah and I've seen snowstorms. 

The walk to Eastern Market for lunch was fun.  It was easiest to walk in the street, as there were indications that at some point a snow plow had passed through.

Supposedly a snow plow passed by here.

Lincoln Park in the snow.

The masses out for the snowball fight and walking their dogs.

Too, too cute.

The neighborhood around Eastern Market.
We didn't recognize where we were until we stopped to think about it.

So beautiful.  Look how high the snow is on the fence.

7th Street SE in the snow.  Eastern Market on the left.

On the way home from Stadium Armory Metro.
The metro was so quiet.  There were only 6 people on the platform.
Very surreal.

Yep, we're snowed in.

If you read the top sign, you'll see the street I live on is designated as a
This means that residents are not allowed to park on the street during a
The City is supposed to plow this street to keep it open
as one of major routes in and out of the city.

Personally, I think if you're going to designate a street as a
and tell the residents they can't park on the street during a
then snow plows should be going up and down the street regularly instead of once a day.

Yep, it's deep.  The snow hits just above my knees here.

photos by me


andi said...

DC is always so pretty when generally frosted in sticky white snow. Maybe you will get a moose or two stomp up Independence now that it looks so wild. Now that would be a great shot!

HillTopStar said...

That would be an awesome shot!

I once had a moose surprise in my front yard in northern Utah. I'm not sure who was more surprised me or him, but he just looked at me as I quickly moved back to the house and then walked over the fence and continued on his way.

Angela said...

Such pretty pictures. DC gets so very quiet when there has been a lot of snow. It adds a quiet charm to the already fabulous city.