Monday, April 18, 2011

congressional cemetery

Sunday evening in Washington, DC was the epitome of spring. After spending the day at work, I was ready for a little spring. I went for a walk with a visiting friend, who is a bit of a history aficionado, and we ended up touring the Congressional Cemetery for a couple of hours.

There are lots of different veterans interred here.

There are beautiful, aging sculptures.

We ran into some good friends who were releasing butterflies at their grandfather's grave site. They invited us to join them and we had a great little visit, and a celebration of life. The butterflies were definitely enjoying the moment and wouldn't separate from each other. It was a great end to our walk.

This is the description of the Native American Indian carving, which was carved in remembrance of 9-11 to serve as a symbol of peace and healing. Click on the photo to enlarge it for reading.

Congressional Cemetery is beautiful. It's actually a favorite place to walk. The tours there are great and give such great glimpses into the history of DC and our country.

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Tanya S. said...

I love Congressional Cemetery. It would be a great place to be buried.