Monday, April 18, 2011

the wedding of J & M

Friday evening I attended the wedding of my great friends Jeremy and Melina. It was a perfect, simple and moving ceremony. I'll always remember the happiness and love present on this perfect evening. 

Meadowlark Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Can you see the love?

I was so honored when they asked me to sing.

"And I, I love it when you give me things.
And you, you ought to give me wedding rings."

The sand-unity ceremony.

The I'm-gorgeous-and-totally-feelin'-it shot.
She was so beautiful in her dress.

Proof that Jeremy can dance... no excuses now. 

Cutting the cake. Seriously, some of the best wedding cake I've ever had.

Three good friends. Mari, Jeremy and I went through Chief's training together last summer. It was so fun to hang out with Mari and be there to celebrate with Jeremy and Melina.

I love these two people and will treasure these memories.



Angela said...

LOVE your dress--you look great!

Melina said...

Thank you so much for singing at our wedding, it was the perfect touch! You are such a wonderful and generous person and your many contributions to making our day a success were greatly appreciated.