Friday, April 22, 2011

things that made me smile this week

today is good friday. only two more days until easter sunday. happy easter!

the yellow and purple tulips, and hot pink hyacinths that i planted last fall are blooming this week, and they're gorgeous.

we had 80 degree weather on wednesday with no humidity. it was perfect. i opened my windows, let fresh air pour in and spent time in the sun.

an un-asked for apology from a friend, who felt her actions had let me down. it was refreshing to have someone own up and be sincere. thank you.

i am spring cleaning my home, downsizing a few things and making space.

the dental assistant told me that i have lovely white teeth, and that i should keep doing whatever it is that i'm doing. (i use sensodyne pronamel gentle whitening toothpaste and apparently it works well for me.)

my renter's insurance paid the claim from the robbery, and i have been able to start replacing items that were stolen. it's fun to have bright, shiny new toys to play with.

while purchasing some of my bright, shiny new toys, the clerk thanked me for my smile. she said she wasn't feeling well, and that my smile had reminded her to keep a smile on her face. i had spent the morning at the dentist and it hurt to smile. i was also feeling a bit self conscious of my smile due to the bruising of the gums around my front teeth, and it helped me realize that no one other than me or the dentist really looks that closely at my mouth. i need to remember this.

time spent with a lovely friend who has helped me let go of a lot of emotional baggage over the years. this week instead of her helping me, i got to help her let go. it was an awesome experience. i'm so honored she trusted me to help her and trusted that i could.

holding friend b's newly minted baby girl set the world right. baby girl made me very aware of how pure and precious we all are. some of us bury it way deep inside, but it's still in there.

fresh asparagus. blueberries. dark chocolate. good books. san pellegrino in single serving bright green bottles that come in a six-pack. deep sleep. good music. my pedometer. the first manicure of the warm season. open-toe shoes.

and from the wedding last week, a laugh. friend k, my escort to the wedding, took my champagne flute and went to get me some pellegrino for the champagne toasts. the waitress pouring the champagne asked: "are you pregnant?" "why, no!," i responded, taken aback. "oh, but he's taking such good care of you?" she questioned. "yes, he is," i said, hopefully proving that no excuse is needed for friends to take care of each other.


wilybrunette said...

so many things to smile about--thanks for reminding me. happy easter!

Angela said...

You have a great smile! It's contagious. I started laughing at the comment from the man pouring champagne...hahaha!