Sunday, April 3, 2011

it's not nice to take other people's stuff

About two weeks ago, my sis-in-law N posted on my FB page, that nephew G. was worried about me after the recent break break-in. I decided I would call and talk to him to see if I could put his mind at ease. I called his mom's cell phone figuring that she would see it was me and let him answer the phone...

(Yes, this was the volume of his greeting along with the inflections. By the way, his mom said that this was all him. She did no coaching whatsoever.)

Me: (trying hard not to laugh, 'cause he was just so darn cute) Well, G. you can draw me a picture and have your mom help you put it in the mail to me.


Me: When you say your night-night prayers, you can ask Heavenly Father to watch over me and keep me safe.

G: Okay! What else?

Me: I don't know G. What do you think you can do?
(running out of ideas here...)

G: Buy you a new laptop, so we can video chat.

Me: Oh, I would love that. What else do you think you can do?
(totally touched by how thoughtful this kid is)

By this time he was getting bored with what he could do for me, and his attention turned to the "bad guys" responsible for the break in.

G: Do you know who it was that broke into your house?

Me: No, that's why we called the police. The police will try to find the bad guys.

G: Don't they know it's bad to take your things?

Me: I don't know G. I think they feel like it's okay to take other people's things.

G: Well, somebody needs to tell them it's bad to take other people's things.

Me: You're right G. Somebody does need to tell them this.

G: Well, who's going to do it?

Me: I don't know. Maybe the police will find them and tell them.

G: No, I'll come to your house, and I will them, "Hey, it's not nice to take Christine's things."

Me: Alright, G., you can totally do that. I love you, buddy.

G: I love you too, Ant (sic) Christine.

Seriously, where does this kid come up with these things? He is so smart, funny and kind. I wish he was here to tell those "bad guys" not to take other people's stuff.

Love my nephew.


Eliza said...

Soooo cute! How old is this kid? Is your sister interested in arranging marriages - I have two head strong girls, if she is interested! ;)

deb sorensen said...

Christine! Did I miss the post on the break in!?! AGH! I'm so sorry. I'm glad others care for you, like this adorable G.