Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i need to run away...

I need to run away to a beach closer to the Equator than where I am now. I need to rest, read, listen to music, and only move when I want.

I need to do a brain dump and think about nothing for a couple of days while watching white waves roll in and out, the sky change color and beach people.

I need to hear that subdued, low-level roar that is uniquely ocean waters hitting the beach, because somehow that is one of the most soothing noises I know.

From behind black sun glasses, I need to watch the sun move across a bright blue sky, and the shadows of palm trees and cabana huts dance on pristine white sand.

I need to feel warm, white sand between my toes, bright blue water wash over me, and the heat of the sun kissing my SPF50-drenched skin.

I need to drift in out and of sleep during an afternoon spent on a chaise lounge under a palm tree, waking only to put on more sunscreen or get a cold drink.

I need to watch a sunset painting the sky all kinds of colors, and feel cool evening breezes begin their dance.

I need to just sit on a beach somewhere... soon, I hope.


Becky said...

I think we should have a sisters vacation. Wouldn't that be fun!!! We should plan for it next year sometime. I would go to a beach with you and sit and sock up the sun in our bikinis!!!! LOVE YOU

christine said...

Done! Sister's vacation it is. If the boys can go camping, we can go to the beach.

wilybrunette said...

i'm with you. i need to run off to the beach myself. sigh, one day.

C in DC said...

DH and I just booked our vacation at Solomon's Island for 10-14 July. It's only a 2 hour drive (shorter on a week day). Come down and spend a day or two with us.