Friday, April 20, 2012

national gardens

Mom and I visited the US Botanic Gardens.

Stunning outdoor displays

and beautiful indoor displays.

The orchid exhibition there is gorgeous right now.

These green ones look like some kind of dragon to me.
They're one of my favorite orchid varieties.

The jungle room.

Glimpses of the beauty found in the Children's Garden.

We then walked across the street to Bartholdi Gardens.

This little guy wasn't afraid of us at all.

I want to recreate this planter box someday.

I love gardens and so does my Mom. 
She can usually tell you what a plant is without even looking at the sign.
I think I get my green thumb from her. 

I remember asking her for my own corner of garden so that I could plant the flowers I wanted. Amazingly, she let me do it, although she probably wound up doing more of the feeding and watering than I did.
Thanks Mom!

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