Monday, April 23, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* what a great week to be in dc. the space shuttle discovery made its final journey and provided washingtonians with plenty of opportunities to view it as the pilots flew around for over 45 minutes. i wish i could have seen it, but i loved checking out the photos and watching it on the news. it brought back so many memories of my trip to florida to see the launch. here's my favorite photo:

photo by wouldn't it be nice (a friend from church)
* i splurged a bit this year on garden plants. it's the first year in dc that i've had a real garden space to play in and so i'm giving into some of my garden fantasies. deep purple, and pink roses, delphinium, foxglove, echinacea, phlox, liatris spicata, monarda, ascleplias, hydrangea, snapdragon, and impatients. i planned out my planting space and spent the morning on saturday putting everything in the ground before the rain started up. here's hoping for some warm, sunny days later this week.

* spending time with church friends. church is just good for my soul and makes me happy.

* good conversation with a couple of truly brave friends who are working hard to make change in their lives. it's so inspiring to talk with these women and hear their faith and hope in being better, healthier and happier. love you two lovely ladies.

* i miss my mom. i had such a fun visit with her and it makes me smile knowing that she got to see my home and a bit of my life. i like knowing she knows where i am now.

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