Monday, April 9, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* my mom was here for an entire week visiting me! i loved having her here and hanging out with her. it was fun to show her a bit of my life and some of the places i love in dc.

* while the japanese cherry blossoms around the tidal basin were gone. the rest of the city was in full bloom, so mom got her fill of springtime flowers and blossoming trees. and i got my fill of tree pollen allergies.

* a visit to the national gallery to retrace the quick tour for my sister who lost all her photos when she was here. others highlights from that visit include:

Georges de la Tour, The Repentant Magdalene
the light is even more stunning in person.

Desiderio da Settignano, The Christ Child(?)
this is pretty much how i always imagined he looked. 

Jan Brueghel the Elder, Flowers in a Basket and a Vase
 i just love the dutch masters and their still life flowers.

Claude Monet, The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil
it was fun to see the original with my mom,
because i had a poster of this on my wall  for years while growing up.

* standing in a room full of monet's paintings and realizing that i have seen all the places he painted in that room: london, venice, rouen and giverny in france. i got tears in my eyes as i contemplated the paintings and felt so very blessed to have been there.

* a walk through the navy memorial courtyard. mom stood on the map in utah and i stood in dc, and we waved at each other. goofy fun!

* a brilliant and lively performance of 1776 at ford's theater. it was a fun performance and the museum was really cool. we watched a very moving exhibit which featured a video with all the living presidents reciting the gettysburg address. mom and i both enjoyed it very much.

* oh, and the harvest cookies from pret a manger are to die for. mom wanted to go back for more.

* eastern market on saturday mornings is the best. mom loved all the produce, flowers, and plants on display. she had fun looking at the pashminas, jewelry and art as well. we had pretzel dogs with nacho cheese for dipping and fresh lemonade with raspberries for lunch while sitting in the sun on a park bench, and people watching.

* lds general conference was really great (it always is). it was fun to listen with mom all weekend long.

* GELATO! i love this stuff, and now mom does too. she actually asked to have it for dinner on her last night in town. her eyes got really big and excited with her first taste.

* an evening walk around the monuments. mom loves doing this and we spent sunday evening walking around the monuments and talking. it was great.

* annapolis in the spring time is stunning, especially at the naval academy. i took mom to work with me on a couple of days. we toured the chapel and crypt, memorial hall, and the museum. we had lunch with the midshipmen--imagine over 4,000 midshipmen are seated and served their lunch within 10 minutes. she met my boss and forgot to ask him for a photo with me. (yes, mom, i will get one for you.) we had fun.

* a day spent at arlington national cemetery. the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. pres. kennedy's grave. arlington house which was the home of gen. robert e lee. a very beautiful, but tiring day.

* mom likes eating at: ted's bulletin--the grilled cheese and tomato soup is totally yummy. good stuff eatery--colletti's smokehouse burger with applewood bacon, sharp cheddar, onion rings and chipotle barbecue sauce,  an order fries and a milky way malt shake to split was the perfect lunch. pitango gelato--the pear is to die for and the pistachio is heavenly. and she likes my asparagus couscous.

* the botanic garden and bartholdi gardens across the street are a-bloom. the orchid display is stunning. we spent a fun afternoon checking out all the plants and flowers.

* a fun dinner at home with friends who were helping my mom learn to use her kindle. i love impromptu cooking for small gatherings.

* putting my mom on a plane to go home doesn't make me smile, but i had to smile this time as i watched her wheel away, because i was so glad she came. traveling by herself is a pretty big deal, because she needs lots of help to lift her luggage and get around. all the attendants who help her are so polite and nice, that i know she's in good hands. when she arrived in dc, she allowed herself to be wheeled out to meet me, because she wanted to save her energy for a walk with me around town. she told me that she just sat down, and put a smile on her face so that people would smile back at her. i love my mom's spunkiness!

* spending the afternoon in baltimore harbor with a good friend. we were goofy and laughed all afternoon as we toured old ships and the national aquarium. good times.

* an afternoon spent helping a friend mow her lawn, followed by shopping, a late lunch and great conversation. a good saturday!

* resurrection sunday. easter sunday. what a happy day! 

* i attended an easter dinner and birthday party at the home of some good friends here on capitol hill. it was so much fun. i have attended several holiday dinners there over the past three years and am now considered part of the family. it was fun to catch up with everyone and celebrate easter along with pablito's birthday. plus, i got a marshmallow cookbook with lots of yumm-i-ness inside.

What a great couple of weeks!

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Alan said...

Claude Monet, The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil. One of my top 3 paintings of all time.