Tuesday, April 17, 2012

things that made me smile this week

* i'm back to playing the piano regularly again, because i had it tuned last monday. it sounds so good and puts the joy back in my heart.

* a late dinner and walk around the harbor in annapolis with a friend. what a lovely evening.

* gardening is so much fun. and a little time outside in the evenings is enough to make smile each night.

* i keep re-listening to the sermons from lds general conference. in particular, i'm loving this one from Elder Uchtdorf, it's just beautiful. and this one from Elder Andersen has really got me thinking. very good stuff.

* i cooked a lot of food this past weekend. i made all sorts of yummy things and shared with people in my life who are experiencing some major life milestones, some happy (a premature baby coming home from hospital) and some sad (the loss of a spouse after 46 years of marriage). i had so much fun cooking. it really is one of my joys in life.

* i hosted a potluck for the singles from my church and included the missionaries as well. good food and company. my newly tuned piano was put to good use by one of the missionaries who plays beautifully.

* playing the piano and singing with my young friend darius, who was recently accepted into the royal academy of music in london. may all your dreams come true.

* movie night with a good friend. salmon fishing in the yemen is a charming and funny film with a good heart. i highly recommend it. emily blunt and ewan mcgregor are perfectly cast and delightfully awkward.

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