Sunday, April 18, 2010

the real weekend plans

So many fun photos from this weekend!
Collages are the funnest and easiest way to share all the photos.
(Click on the collage to see a larger version.)

A glimpse of Eastern Market in all its spring time glory.
From strawberries to cupcakes, fresh fish to sun dresses,
bouquets of flowers to the best crab cakes on the Hill,
there's something here for everyone.

The WWII Memorial is massive.
It's difficult to capture the details in one photo.

A walk around the Mall.
Glimpses of the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial,
the DC WW I Memorial, the Tulip Library and azaleas in full bloom.

I never fail to be moved by the reminders of greatness throughout our country's history.
Ordinary people doing their best in difficult circumstances,
making hard decisions with the knowledge they had at the time
and at times laying everything they had on the line.
I am glad that we have places dedicated to these sacrifices.

I believe one of the highlights of the weekend
was the feast we shared at The Afghan Restaurant.
It was fun to share the best part of Afghanistan with A&D, my cousins.
So many flavors, good conversation and a friendly serving staff.

survived the unexpected cold front,
ate lots of yummy food,
(so not thinking of my diet right now.)
walked and walked and walked and walked,
(about 8 miles total.)
toured the Pentagon and 9/11 memorial too,
(sorry, no photos allowed)
talked and talked,
(trying to solve the world's problems)
laughed a lot,
made plans for another weekend,
just enjoyed each other's company.

We didn't do everything on my weekend plans list,
but we did see everything they wanted to see.
It was fun to be a tourist in my town for a weekend.

Come again soon A&D.  You are welcome here any time.

photos by me, collages on picasa 3 from google


C in DC said...

We had lunch at the Afghan restaurant on Saturday. When were you there?

Tara said...

I love your collages. DC is such a beautiful town. What I've seen anyway, which is all the touristy parts.
Glad you all had fun this weekend!