Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dream tree

when i dream of trees,

i dream of this tree in particular.

i dream of a weeping cherry tree
its thin branches twirling in a breeze,
covered in lace of the lightest shade of pink
tinged with bits of green.

i dream of this tree in front of my home.

shading my yard, providing protection for
a child in a swing reading a favorite book,
a blanket covered with leftover picnic remains
and a sleeping child.

marking the seasons of life,
welcoming visitors to my home,
giving such beauty each spring.

i. love. this. tree.
i see it every day on my way to and from work
and it has become my dream tree.

i, especially, love this tree in the spring.
gorgeousness abounds all around.

photo by me on the way to work one morning.


Angela said...

What a gorgeous tree! Weeping cherry trees are so beautiful. Happy spring!

Meg Fee said...

oh, oh, i want a dream tree too. feeling right now like everyone should have a dream tree. and feeling very much like you will get yours in no time!