Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3 breakfasts for on-the-go

menu 1:
breakfast cereal
kashi golean crunch in a ziploc.
pour *lactose free milk (i'm experimenting) and
add blueberries or raspberries or 1/2 banana
into a leak proof container. pack a spoon and napkin.
head to work and eat at my desk.

menu 2:
a breakfast sandwich
1 slice **turkey bacon cut up right into the frying pan
(add some salsa if you want),
1 egg scrambled, and
1 trader joe's mini pita warmed up.
shovel the scrambled egg with fixin's into the pita
and wrap it in a paper towel to eat in the car.
***odwalla super food juice watered down
      with some oj in a leak proof container.

menu 3:
the smoothie
*lactose free milk
a small scoop bran or flax seeds
coconut water
ice cubes
blend and pour into a leak proof container.
rush out the door.

these are all breakfasts i eat on the go. i'm not a morning person. i like to stay in bed as long as i can, so i rarely make time to sit down and eat breakfast before i leave the house. i've taken all of these out the door with me to eat at work or in the car. they are mess free and only one requires an utensil.

*lactose free milk is good; way better than almond or soy milk. i'm not lactose intolerant, but i wanted to try milk alternatives to see how my i react to them. so far, much better on the rumblies in my tumbly.

**as a family of one, i'm often loathe to purchase an entire package of turkey bacon. however, i finally figured out to make it work. i cut the bacon slices in half, lay out a large piece of plastic wrap and accordion fold two halves of bacon into the plastic wrap at a time, stick the stack in a freezer bag and freeze. i can easily separate one slice at a time and cut it up with kitchen shears into a frying pan for breakfast.

***the odwalla super food smoothie is good, but it needs a little sweetness and the oj does the trick. lots of necessary, yummy green stuff in this.

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Angela said...

Oooh! These are so healthy! Keep me posted on how the non-milk dealio goes