Friday, June 3, 2011

the one with the machete...

i have great friends.
one in particular who came to my rescue after i was robbed.
he loaned me his spare machete!

after all, i needed a way to defend myself if the intruder(s) came back.

a machete is the perfect accessory.
just what every girl needs when she's living on her own in the big city
and worried about zombie attacks.

a machete is handy for those times 
when a girl needs to sneak through the bushes
and carry out ninja attacks.
a machete is so inconspicuous.

but seriously, ld is a great friend 
and the machete provided great laughs
and at 3am when i heard voices outside in the alley
i felt better knowing i had the machete under the bed.

thank you ld.
i'm so gonna miss you.

photos by jp

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