Wednesday, June 29, 2011


the cable is cancelled.

i know, i said i was doing this last month, but i never got around to doing it. but yesterday i called from work to cancel the cable. i sat on hold for 20 minutes and proofread a document while listening to muzack and cheesy promotional announcements.

i finally spoke with a customer service representative who verified twice that i did indeed want to cancel the cable and not renew it for my new place.

yes, i said. i do really want to cancel the cable today.

okay, he said. it's cancelled.

little did i know that he really meant it. that right then, right there the cable really was cancelled. when i got home that evening and sat down to chill for a minute and watch tv for one last time i was plum outta luck. no signal at all. and you know what? that's okay with me.

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