Friday, June 10, 2011

sometimes i just don't have anything to say

sometimes i just don't have anything profound to say. so here is my list of things that made me smile this week:

~ a photo text from brother J of my newest nephew W sleeping on mom's torso. congrats!

~ my parents have been married for 38 years this week. their 12th grandchild was born on their anniversary; what a great gift. happy anniversary mom and dad!

~ great conversation with good friends on sunday night during a potluck to say goodby to a dear friend. however, i'm not smiling now as i think about her leaving.

~ seeing my new house again and starting to plan decor and furniture placement in my head.

~ sorting through stuff and compiling a get-rid-of pile. it's nice to downsize.

~ fleetwood mac's album rumours (it's old, but so good). adele's album 21 (seriously, this girl rips your heart out when she sings). ingrid michaelson's album everybody (i just love this album). seriously some good music here.

~ the sountrack to 500 days of summer during my run on monday. it was almost the perfect length, because it ended 3 blocks from my house as i finished up my run. and it was my last outdoor run this week because when you combine 97 degrees with 80% humidity you get a heat index of like 110, and that's the weather in dc this week. blegh.

~ hearing about my four year old nephew G's crushes and desire to be a super hero. he's in love with the young lady who cuts material for his mom at the fabric store and mooning over a little girl from church. he also likes meat, a lot. this kid seriously makes me laugh.

~ a bike ride.

~ sweet, cold, perfectly pink watermelon when it's super hot outside.

~ leaving work early, just because.

~ watering my flowers each evening as the sun goes down.

~ a deep conversation about being christ like, what that means in a relationship, the christian belief that wives are subservient to the husband in a marriage and how to reconcile that belief with being christ like. good stuff.

~ seeing one of my favorite coworkers get promoted. way to go YN3!

~ turning on my car's AC when the heat index is 110 degrees farenheit.

~ wearing a skirt or dress every day this week. ah, summer!

~ a wake up phone call is just so much better than my alarm clock, even if i am pretty grouchy when i first wake up.

~ quiet time spent with the divine.

~ listening to a friend M's miraculous story of how she met her husband-to-be (and i'm not using the word miraculously lightly in this case). her wedding shower was so much fun and full of such good women who love each other that it uplifted me as well. god really is in the workings and he will speak to us. a wonderfully gorgeous night.

~ finding lots to say when i sit down to compile my gratitude list for the week.

this week of posting every day is for ss.
she made  me smile this week too.


C in DC said...

I was born on my grandparents' 22nd wedding anniversary. Sadly, my grandfather died 2 months later. I always joked with my mom that I was their best anniversary present. :-)

Angela said...

I loved this list! An added thing that made me smile was that I had a dream last night with you in it. Kid you not! You and I were on a shopping trip with a bunch of girlfriends. At one point we were at the most beautiful outdoor cafe with white lights strung around the beams and flower baskets, just laughing and sharing old stories with good friends (although I didn't know any of the other girls, but you did). We were all dressed to the hilt, tried on and bought great clothes and had fun wandering the shops and streets til late. It was a fun dream!

I think it was a good omen of future things to come for you:)