Monday, June 20, 2011

conversations with my nephews

i love talking with my nephews on the phone. they just make me laugh!

nephew G: hi christine! are you sucking brains today?
me: nope. i'm good. why do you want me to suck your brains today? ('cause after all i am the evil brain sucking aunt who must be stopped by superman's laser eyes.)
nephew G: nope, that's not a good idea.

later while talking to his mom, i hear noise in the background. mom tells me that dad has him pinned down to clip his nails and G is fighting back, saying, "i want my nails to be long and sharp like wolfman's" (his name for wolverine). this kid just kills me!


nephew B: are you coming over today?
me: no, i'm not. i live too far away.
nephew B: why?
me: 'cause i live in washington, dc.
nephew B: oh..... do you have any dogs?
me: no.
nephew B: oh...... do you have a bear?
me: no (laughing).
nephew B: why not?
me: because bears are way too big to have as pets in the city.
nephew B: oh..... okay..... i love you.
me: i love you too. m-wah!
mom gets on the phone and tells me he is blowing me kisses.


nephew L: how are your fish?
me: well, one died a little while ago, but penny is doing okay.
nephew L: you have a fish named penny?!?!?!
me: yes, i do.
nephew L: which one is she?
me: she's the silvery pink one.
nephew L: oh........
me: so what are you giving your dad for father's day?
nephew L: cards. lots of cards.
me: oh, that's nice. anything else?
nephew L: well, i got a sucker at church, but i didn't know he liked suckers and it has my germs on it now.
me: well, it's probably better if you don't give it to him then.
nephew L: oh that's okay. B is licking it now.
me: (laughing and imagining dad's surprise at his empty sucker stick)

i love these boys. they are so sweet and full of life and love.


wilybrunette said...

lucky you to have them and lucky them to have such a wonderful aunt!

Ruthie said...

Kids say the most darling things! They are lucky to have an aunt like you!