Friday, June 24, 2011

things that made me smile this week

-packing for the move next weekend.

-i'm still smiling over the garden at my new house.

-watching the drop dead diva season premiere again.

-sore muscles after a bike ride and a run.

-retaking the color code personality test and discovering that yellow is now my primary color. usually when i take this test, i'm a power hungry red with playful, creative yellow as my secondary color. change is good.

-getting a new perspective on a personal problem with which i've been wrestling.

-telling the guys at work about my recent dating experiences and having them laugh at how ridiculous some men are. afterwards, a few of them told me that listening to my experiences made them so grateful to be married. and i thought, "wow, i bet your wives are grateful to be married to you too."

-air conditioning.

-the smell of rain off in the distance. such a clean, earthy smell.

-remember this post about a friend's betrayal. this week my friend trusted me enough to ask for help.

have a fabulous weekend!


Tanya S. said...

Re: Color Code. I can totally see you as a yellow! I've always been about 50/50 blue/white.

On my mission, I had a companion who was totally a Red, and I was trying to explain the colors to her, and I why I thought she was a red, and she was horribly offended. No matter how much I tried to explain that no color was bad, they all contained good traits and bad traits, she didn't believe me. I had to have my mother mail me the book (which I'd had since high school) so my companion could get all the details and be okay with being a red :-)

Tanya S. said...

Oh, I will add that as I've aged, a lot more red has crept into me, but blue and white still dominate and are still approximately equal.

Tanya S. said...

I haven't done the test in a couple years, so thought it was time to have another go. 55% white.

I'm positive that blue would be next in percentage (though it's clearly gone down significantly), then red, then yellow (I've always barely had a trace of yellow, almost nothing at all, in me).

(Sorry for so many comments. I'm highly entertained by the Color Code.)

christine said...

I love your comments. I think too we are at different points in our life where some traits are more pronounced than others. I've always been a Red-Yellow and am now a Yellow-Red. It's not that much of a change, but it's significant because some of the strongest traits that a yellow has are ones I have been focusing on developing for several months.

Change is good.

Kristi said...

I have had to take TONS of personality assessements and have never taken the color code test. Out of curiousity I tried it out and I'm a white. Thanks for pointing it out - it was fun!