Thursday, June 2, 2011

einstein's dreams

the empty stage after the performance of einstein's dreams.
In the world in which time is a circle, every handshake, every kiss, every birth, every word, will be repeated precisely. So too every moment that two friends stop becoming friends, every time that a family is broken because of money, every vicious remark in an argument between spouses, every opportunity denied because of a superior's jealousy, every promise not kept. (excerpt from Einstein's Dreams)

Tonight I went to a performance of Einstein's Dreams a play based on the book of the same name. It was surprisingly brilliant in its simplicity and the flow of the story line was easy to follow. I enjoyed seeing a play that was very different from what I expected and left me wanting more. 

One of my favorite things about the cast was that there were varying levels of ability on display and physical capability as well. After the show I briefly met some of the cast members and one of whom was sitting in a wheel chair. I had watched her movements on-stage and was struck by how gracefully she moved, even though at times I could tell it was hard for her. Another cast member was a young man with a beautifully melancholy face and difficulty using his hands. His face was so expressive and at times so joyful it just made me smile. Their physical hardships didn't detract from the performance at all. Instead it added a level of human-ness which reminded me that everyone can find a way to do what they love from finding theories on time to acting in a show to well whatever it is. I think this was the best part--watching people do what they so obviously loved.

I also loved the storyline. It was fun to imagine what Einstein's dreams might have been like. The words were beautiful and I felt as though I were hearing poetry as I listened to Einstein's thoughts on time and how he came up with his theory of relativity. I think I now must read the book. There is an excerpt  here.

Ticket information here at Spooky Action Theater. The theater is very small, so you'll definitely want to plan ahead. I'm probably going back to see it, 'cause after all Einstein pretty much rocks!

By the way "spooky action" is a really cool scientific fact. Basically, spooky action is when two particles become so synchronized or entangled that when one changes the other also changes instantaneously no matter how far apart they are. Einstein originally made fun of the theory and wrote a paper on it, which later became the basis for a whole new branch of quantum science. You can read about it in layman's terms here--"the closest thing we have to magic".

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