Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the perfect end to a crappy day

after a perfectly crappy day, do you know what the perfect remedy is to help me feel better?

going to see my hair guy steve, who seriously knows how to cut naturally curly hair and make a girl feel gorgeous. it's short, but so darn cute and sexy.

and coming home to my new boyfriend. i went straight upstairs and without changing out of my work clothes, let josiah out of his kennel. he was so excited to see me that he went straight downstairs grabbed his leash off the entryway table and brought it upstairs to me before i could even walk to my own room. i am such a softy, that i didn't even change clothes. i just hooked him up to his leash, while he behaved perfectly, sitting still and waiting for me to grab a bag to pick up his business and didn't even rush the door. we had a good little walk (except that i was still in my work shoes and my feet started hurting). i love this dog!

seriously, the perfect end to a perfectly crappy day.


Becky said...

So when do I get to see your hair???????? You had better show it to me!!!

Debby Adkins said...

When did you get a dog?!?!?!

christine said...

Becky, I'll post some photos of my new hair!

And Deb, it's my roommates dog, but he adores me.