Monday, October 3, 2011

things that made me smile this week

*i have a new boyfriend. he's adorable, and adores me.
   -lover boy sits at the door and waits for me.
   -he runs round in circles when he sees me.
   -he gets so excited that he forgets he's not supposed to jump on me when he sees me.
   -when i'm sitting in the living room he tries to sneak in to sit at my feet even though he's not allowed in the living room.
   -he sits in the back room and puts his head on his paws and watches me sitting in the living room after i kick him out.
   -sometimes he sits and whines until i acknowledge his existence.
   -he has the loveliest pout and he just cracks me up.
   -he'll come up behind me when i'm sitting in the back room. the next i know i have a cold, wet nose being shoved up between my elbow and side, and he doesn't give up until i give in and rub his belly.
   -he's not that great with raccoons that come to the backdoor. he just sits and looks at them, no barking or growling or anything...
   -this canine friend of mine makes me smile, because he's just so ridiculously in love with me.

*lots and lots of general conference talks this week. i love conference.

*leaves are starting to change colors. i think fall is officially here.

*brunch with a friend at eastern market on saturday morning. (one of my favoritest things ever).

*a sci-fi movie party where we discussed the problem with timelines and plot holes in the star trek series and movies. (yes, i know they're not real, but it's still fun to talk about.)

*the phone conversation with my nephew B who isn't interested in me at all, and only asks about the dog and where he is.
"hi christine. where's your dog?" (it's too hard to explain to an almost 4-year old that the dog belongs to my roommate, so to him the dog is mine)
"he's upstairs in his bed."
"oh. why?"
"because he's tired and it's time for bed."
"oh. why?"
you get the picture...

*hearing brother J talk about his oldest son M who is 2 years old and walks around calling his little brother Will:  "willis! where are you willis?" i'm seriously cracking up just imagining this.

*having the support and excitement of my family and friends as i get ready to transition to a new job. thanks everyone.

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C in DC said...

Canine boyfriends: forever loyal!

You'll have to teach nephew M to say "Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis?"