Sunday, October 23, 2011

goats and chickens and pumpkins, oh my!

some friends and i spent the day at homestead farms out in the wilds of maryland.

i needed my fall fix.

it was good to get out of the city.

every now and then i need a little country. 

a little fall color, a little tromp through the fields

pumpkins imported from tennessee because 
the weather this year wasn't conducive to growing pumpkins locally.

pretty cute scarecrows at every turn...

including this one.

i think your tractor's sexy... 

the great pumpkin rescue... 
notice the pumpkin carnage on the ground behind me.

oh, i am a fan of carmel apples. yum!

just a little color.

boy, these piglets sure brought back childhood memories.

he was the cutest sheep!

everyone loved the goats and the goats loved them right back.

they had the best assortment of chickens and other fowl that i have ever seen on a farm.
lots of chickens, guinea fowls, turkeys, ducks and even the cutest fuzzy chicken.
i think i want one--a fuzzy chicken that is.

our fall treasures in the best shopping cart ever.

happy fall!!!


Ruthie said...

So wish I could have been there! Awesome pictures!!!!

Eliza said...

Good times! I wish I could jump into your wheelbarrow, and you could wheel me to your abode and then I would sit down at your table and ask you to pour me some of that delectable apple cider. and then we could carve one of your pumpkins!