Monday, October 31, 2011

to boldly show your inner geek

 i have long wanted to host a sci-fi costume party, and so i finally did.

invitation from

it was great fun and lots of people wore really imaginative costumes.

back l-r: a blind Romulan queen in disguise; Dr. Who; a short Storm Trooper; 
and a crazy cat loving alien.
front l-r: "just another crewman" & a tribble; darth vader on his day off;
  project runway's christian siriano (who really is an alien in real life)

more sci-fi fans: she-devil, a steampunk zombie hunter, and "just another crewman"

the cutest dolphin trainer ever.
(totally counts, because it's science.)
i totally want to be that when i grow up.

wolverine and his little boy.
best moment of the night was when he made his grand entrance carrying his little boy.

i'm so confused....

the best housewarming gift ever from AA & TS. thanks you guys!
i'm totally making homemade pizza for the next party...

a brilliant use for that R2D2 cake pan you never use--cornbread to go with the chili!
(thanks to AA!)

remember this commercial?

we totally had to try...

check out romanesco cauliflower. amazing naturally occurring fractal.
(thanks for the great conversation piece ST.)

we watched this movie. so funny, it never gets old.

party tips:

party favors included
everyone who wore a  costume got one of these.


muggles got their choice of pins of star wars, star trek or various super heroes.

chili con carne
chili con vegetables
toppings: cheese, sour cream and fritos
corn bread with homemade honey butter
tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole

pineapple lemonade punch 
(my housemate's recipe--yummy!)
hot spiced apple cider

homemade cinnamon rolls
pumpkin cookies
apple cake (thanks mp!)
yo-yo cookies made to look like spiders (thanks kb!)
halloween candy

silver table clothes with orange rope lights intertwined through the food
star confetti and star garlands
vintage star trek plates, table cloth (banner)
dark blue plates, cups, and cutlery

sorry, i forgot to take photos of the decor and food.

all in all a great party. we had a lot of fun indulging our inner geeks.
thanks everyone for playing!


C in DC said...

Thanks for a fun party. The girls had a blast. Love the picture of you with A.; too bad the little fairy princess wouldn't agree to a photo.

Ruthie said...

Sounds like it was amazing! Sad I missed it! The menu looks delectable! I so would have come as Deanna Troi!