Monday, October 31, 2011

stuff that made me smile this week

*the swooshing sound as i walk through dry leaves on the sidewalk. one of my favorite sounds in the world.

*sunlight firing up the deep red leaves and brightening up the gold ones on the trees on my street.

*snow that didn't stick and heat that works. oh, and fuzzy pink slippers and sweaters.

*baking and cooking and cleaning and organizing.

*working in annapolis. this place is so beautiful.

*my nephew G (4-years old) talking to me about watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi for the first time. he loved it and was so excited to tell me about it. although he was terrified that Darth Vader was in his room for a few days afterward. it's so fun talk about sci-fi with my nephew.

*talking with my nephew B on saturday. he's very concerned that i'm going to "jump out of a parachute" someday. he also wanted to know if he could come over to have some of the cinnamon rolls i was baking for my party. i wish there were a secret portal between my house and his...

*hot spiced apple cider. seriously is there anything better?

*having all the new recipes i tried for the first time turn out well for the halloween sci-fi part of 2011. good friends who wore costumes to said party, and let their inner geek shine through. and even the friends who didn't wear costumes but came anyway to spend time with all of us.

*my housemate LP for helping me finish preparations for the party. without her i wouldn't have pulled it off quite as nicely. thank you.

*a housewarming gift of a starship enterprise pizza cutter from good friends. i smile every time i think about it.

*feeling like spiritual progress has been made.

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